ACW (acw) wrote,

Fifth run of 2012

It has been a fairly dismal week or so around here. The weather has been chilly and gray, and today was the first time in the month of May that there has been any sunlight at all. I have missed the sun. When I realized, early this afternoon, that the sun was trying to come out, I thought I should put my jacket on and go outside to be in it, a little. Then I checked the weather, and finding that it was actually 62 degrees out, I said, "Be in it? Heck, I'll run in it." So instead of a jacket, I put on my running shorts and shoes, and went down to Paul Bartley Track.

I put in my seven miles in 76:52, still in the immediate vicinity of most of my performances this year. What I mean is, I've had one exceptionally good run, and one bad one, but the other three were within about ten seconds of each other. I won't start to improve until I can start getting out more regularly.
Tags: running
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