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Eighteenth run of 2012

Yesterday I heard a bit on my favorite radio program, Radiolab, about a runner named Diane Van Deren, who specializes in very long distance endurance running. The main interest for the Radiolab hosts was that Van Deren had a lobectomy to relieve chronic epilepsy, and the surgery altered her time-sense in a way that is said to benefit her running. But what caught my attention was a recording they got when one of the producers went out running with Van Deren, who explained how she knows when she's in a good running groove. One of her criteria is the same as one of mine: synchronization of breathing with pace. I was delighted to hear that this expert runner uses exactly the same breathing pattern that I do: inhale for two steps, exhale for two steps. It made me feel like I must be doing it right.

Yesterday I also went for a walk, strolling very slowly while reading Coriolanus, and I investigated the rebuilt football/baseball section of Liberty Field, the part that actually has a lot of seating, a scoreboard, and all that stuff. (The track is on an adjacent plot, and has a few portable bleacher stands, but nothing nearly as fancy.) In the renovation the wall that the seniors used to decorate was removed, which I sort of regret, but the new facilities are very nice. The field, however, is all artificial turf, which offended me obscurely.

Anyway, this morning I went back and ran in much more congenial weather than we had on Friday, and did seven miles in 72:05. It will be nice if I can get out again on Tuesday, but the current weather forecast is for lots of rain.
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