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Trip to England

The last week of July, Dr. Wife and I took a trip to England, to do some sightseeing but mostly to visit our daughter and her fiancee. Our daughter has finished the requirements for a Master of Philosophy in linguistics at Cambridge (Newnham College). I have not yet really read her thesis, though I've skimmed parts of it. She submitted just slightly too late to get on the list to graduate in July, so our trip, which was intended to coincide with her graduation ceremony, became just sightseeing and visiting; we will have to go back in October to see her graduate.

I'm terribly proud of her and her scholar-brain. In just one short year, in addition to writing what looks to me like a very sound piece of research in how verbs "license" multiple objects, she made lots of friends, explored Cambridge and some other parts of southern England, did stand-up comedy, and drank a lot of different kinds of beer.

While we were there she and her girlfriend shared some of this with us. We peeped into many beautiful colleges, went punting on the Cam, had Pimm's at the Anchor, and drank beer at what seems like a dozen other pubs as well. We had several day trips to London to see the Tate Modern, the reconstructed Globe Theatre, and the British Museum, as well as strolling past the London Eye and Westminster. We also went a bit further, to Brighton Beach, where I acquired a souvenir rock from the beach, and to Bath, where we spent some hours in the Roman Baths museum, and then strolled around for a few more hours looking at various sights.

[This paragraph added later:] I forgot to mention that England is positively seething with Pokemon Go activity. My daughter and her girlfriend were playing constantly, taking full advantage of all our walking to nurture their eggs, and stopping off at every Pokestop and dojo. My daughter's girlfriend conquered the dojo at the Roman Baths, but it only lasted five minutes. And they introduced my wife to the game. My phone is too ancient to play, which is kind of a relief.

At the end of the trip there was some franticness, as we were ferrying some of our daughter's stuff home with us, as well as her cat. Then we went straight back to work on Monday, and this weekend we are having some delicious do-nothing time.
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