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Sixth run of 2016

Yeah, this is just not a very runny summer for me. I guess it's been three weeks since my last go. I decided that I really really needed a new heart rate monitor, and after fruitlessly banging around various stores (Best Buy, mostly) the nice overworked guy at Greater Boston Running Company sold me exactly the right thing, and I am happy. It's nice to see my actual heart rate again instead of my footfall cadence. But I am going to have to work into it a little gently -- maybe use a lower target my first few times.

Seven miles in 93:59, five seconds slower than three weeks ago. But all earlier runs this year are not good performance data, since I was trying to center my effort using a failing heart monitor.

I got home from the run, showered, and went out to dinner with Dr. Wife and a friend, but right around when we pulled up at the restaurant I had a wave of nausea and dizziness that I recognized right away as a vasovagal episode, and realized with chagrin that I had neglected to hydrate at all after running. So I lay on the back seat of the car and felt crummy while the ladies fetched liquid for me, which I sipped until I felt better, and then we all went and had dinner. I probably wasted half an hour of everybody's time that way. Idiot.
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