ACW (acw) wrote,

Send GrrlScientist to Antarctica!

Some company is doing a promotion where they are going to send a science blogger to Antarctica. It's a straight-up popularity contest, but luckily, in this case, the obvious best choice seems to have a shot at winning it. It's not in the bag yet, though, so perhaps both of my readers might be willing to jump through the registration-hoops they have to let you vote.

The best choice is GrrlScientist, the author of Living the Scientific Life. The Grrl would be a fabulous emissary for the sciency corner of the blogosphere, and she deserves all the opportunities we can manage to throw in her path. She got her PhD in bird evolution, and then her life just went down the toilet; she's squeaking by, barely, as a part-time pet-sitter in Manhattan, and yet she still manages to produce a lively, informative, and, get this, cheerful blog, mostly centering on ornithology but with several other complementary interests thrown in. Go give her a read, and then follow the links from her page and give her a vote. Sending her to the bottom of the world would put her on top of the world.
Tags: science, web
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